Book & CD

The Ready, Steady, Go! book is in five sections:

The fun movement programme:


- for younger babies;


- for older babies;


- for toddlers and young children;

Plus two additional sections:

Getting the right balance

- milestones and advice;

Keeping going

- useful information and further reading.

Ready, Steady, Go! Combines what Grandma instinctively knew with the latest research into how children learn. We know that physical movement is essential to a child's emotional and intellectual development. Doing this fun programme for 5 to 10 minutes each day will give a golden opportunity for you to deepen the bond with your child so that he or she receives the best possible start in life.

The Ready, Steady, Go! CD

The CD accompanying this book contains original versions of traditional nursery rhymes especially written for you to use during your Ready, Steady, Go! sessions. It has been designed for use on a CD player and home computer. The CD accompanying this book has a host of additional resources for you to explore and use.

CD contents

The song track starts with the words and music of the nursery rhyme and is then followed by the music only. This has been done to help you time each exercise, to encourage participation by you and your child and also to develop language and memory skills.

CD song list