About the authors Dr. Celia O'Donovan

Dr. Celia O'Donovan has wide experience as a university lecturer, researcher and nursery inspector. She is currently an educational consultant and has recently published a book on movement and learning.

Dr. Pat Preedy

Dr. Pat Preedy has worked in education for over 25 years. As headteacher of a Beacon School and Adjunct Professor (Curtin University, Western Australia), she has developed whole brain learning techniques including a daily physical exercise programme. Currently she is Executive Principal and Director of Research and Training for Global Education Management Systems (GEMS).

Celia and Pat have pursued a shared interest in the link between movement and brain development through the institute of Neuro-Physiological Pyschology (INPP). They have collaborated on a number of projects as well as training teachers and early years specialists in the INPP movement programme.

"Thank you for investing in our book. We know that babies and children need a balance of physical movement, healthy nutrition, love and care. We have designed this practical programme for you to use and enjoy with your child as part of giving him or her the best possible start in life."